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QUESTION: Do you guys do those “live” marketing seminars anymore??  I NEED IT NOW!! I really wanted to attend one of those… the reviews looked great– I see that people were eating it up but the thing is– the location was always (I think) in the Jersey area or sometimes L.A. I know you can’t be everywhere at once, but I really need help in boosting my business and it seems to me you guys are on the pulse of what needs to be done to make serious money finding all the notes out there. PLEASE tell me you’re going back on the road and where!


You’re referring to the absolute most popular seminar we’ve ever done, called “How to Find All of the Cash Flows You Could Ever Hope to Buy or Broker”. We’ve done them on the East Coast, West Coast and the Gulf and I think it’s truly remarkable that EVERY ONE of them sold out WELL before the actual event. WE even found ourselves turning away “walk-ins”, which we never like to do but these are always done at hotels and sometimes we were able to book a bigger room before the event when we got an influx of signups but we ALWAYS reached capacity pretty fast.

We had people FLYING IN from many other areas of the country to attend these. Invariably, we had TONS of requests for recordings or transcripts from everybody else who couldn’t attend or couldn’t get in.

Everybody’s asking NOW about these seminars because of the sheer magnitude of the note market right now. The need for cash, the lending crunch, the tepid real estate market all make for the most potent combination of forces we’ve ever seen- and I mean EVER. If this isn’t the hottest industry in the country right now, please show me which one is! The buzz  in the market is incredible! Serious money is being made ESPECIALLY by those who are doing all the right things in marketing their business. People need help boosting their business, and I’m getting an AWFUL lot of calls from people who are buying “lists”, sending out stuff that has NO substance to those lists (I see some of these so-called “marketing pieces” because people ask my opinion),, running an ad here and an ad there, etc.. IN OTHER WORDS, A TEPID EFFORT that will actually get you nowhere (not to mention the QUALITY of those lists is putrid)……… and then THEY WONDER why they can’t find the bounty of deals that are out there– all around you, really– each and every hour and every day!!!!

Folks, it all comes down to this: Earning big coin is NOT THAT HARD. The quality of the competition you’re going to run into is LOUSY. The rank amateurs are the ones doing the things like I described above! YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT because, first off, you’re a subscriber! That makes you a member of a very SELECT GROUP. If you pay close attention to the information presented here, you can VERY QUICKLY catapult yourself into the top 20% of cash flow professionals who are making 80% of the serious money. YES, I SAID “PROFESSIONALS”. And THAT is the key. It’s imperative that you SAY THE RIGHT THINGS TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE in your marketing. Think long and hard about that statement. You really, really need to understand– and let this penetrate your consciousness– that YOU SIMPLY NEED TO KNOW WHERE TO MARKET AND WHAT TO SAY. There are thousands and thousands of dollars at stake here! You’re interested, AREN’T YOU??!!

That’s all there is to it. Nothing more. AND, CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, YOU CAN DO THIS VERY CHEAPLY. There are a thousand different ways to market this thing, but you don’t NEED a thousand techniques. You just need to pick out 1 or 2 and do them consistently, efficiently and INEXPENSIVELY. And we impart all of this stuff in our seminars, but the thing is, we have NO immediate “live” dates on tap BUT we’ve got the solution for you to get COMPLETELY up to speed right now……….

We had one of our seminars RECORDED!! I just announced this and already I am deluged with requests— this is THE most innovative stuff on finding notes and cash flows on the planet! You listen to this, and it’s the SAME THING as attending one of the “LIVE” classes!! The ONLY difference is, aside from the rather negligible subtleties that vary from session to session and the inability to reach out and shake the instructor’s hand or raise your hand and ask questions DURING the session, is this is recorded rather than “live”!!

And you can CALL US UP AND ASK ANY QUESTIONS AFTER YOU LISTEN which makes this not only the next best thing to being there– it’s actually JUST AS GOOD OR BETTER because YOU DON’T HAVE TO FLY ANYWHERE OR BOOK A HOTEL ROOM!! (Plus you save a LOT of money because the “live” session goes for $300 a head)

This is the best tip I can possibly give you if you want to make big money this year. If you like the feel of money in your pocket– a fatter wallet or purse– I urge you– implore you– to listen to this recorded seminar “How To Turn 90% Of The People Who Won’t Sell Their Notes Into  Big Time Cash Profits”. It’s the most IN DEMAND material in what is arguably the hottest industry going today. The cash flow industry is unique in that it’s so DIVERSE. But this session will get you marketing THE EXACT RIGHT WAY in such an efficient manner that you’ll be getting MULTIPLE leads for DIFFERENT TYPES OF CASH FLOWS from the SAME PLACES and no one else has EVER given you a master plan anywhere near on par with this!!

What’s more, I’m going to go out on a limb and make a very bold, BOLD statement: You NEED this material. It’s an absolute NO DOUBT ABOUT IT MUST-HAVE. That’s why we’ve tooled up to make this available NOW and why I’m getting the word out to ALL subscribers by practically trumpeting it from the rooftops!!!!

THIS IS GOING TO BE SUCH A DIFFERENCE-MAKER IN YOUR CASH FLOW LIFE that you may well slap yourself upside the head as you’re listening, as you say to yourself: “Why, oh why did I NOT get this information SOONER”??!!

When you order the program now by following the link below, well rush it right out to you:

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