Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

The most favorable conditions ever for investing in seller take-back notes is right here and now in January 2012. DON’T WAIT because the real estate market may be at the end of its slide and then could be poised to begin recovery– AND the downed real estate market is what’s spawning all of these notes that sellers didn’t want in the first place! And they’re hungry, MOTIVATED and in need of cash which we can give to them. So, given that you FIRST need to learn how to invest in notes WHILE you’re still brokering notes, I wouldn’t wait any longer if you haven’t started any of this yet.

YOUR SIMPLE PLAN: If you systematically broker notes over the next 9-12 months while learning how to invest during that time, then you will be able to take advantage… WITH A VENGEANCE.

Conversely, if you FAIL to take advantage, this opportunity (greatest buyer’s market EVER) will begin to slip away and you will miss out on the greatest financial bonanza of our time.

Can you live with that??


You should know that you CAN set up a solid note investment portfolio one step at a time that can net you very safe returns upwards of 35% or even 70% and you can do this using other people’s money (NOT your own $). Put another way, a $5,000 investment every year that earns 35% will net you well over $1 million in just 15 years! Do this multiple times and you can slay Father Time (The Enemy). Of course, this is a rudimentary example. You can greatly accelerate the process by doing this SEVERAL times a year (and further shorten the waiting period) and we infuse our subscribers with the know-how to do just that.

What should you do if you haven’t started your note business yet? The answer is simple. Just begin. Learn and earn. Broker notes while you earn fees and at the same time watch the professional funder close the deal. As the broker of record, you are entitled to a copy of all paperwork involved in the transaction. Just watch the whole process unfold time after time and you can easily become an expert yourself through sheer osmosis WITHIN ONE SHORT YEAR OR LESS.

Then, begin your investment program with at least ONE note this year at a discount and then bump your yields up even further by working with the payor to get paid off early (win-win).

Believe me, you’re going to get VERY good at this if you choose to educate yourself. If you don’t start ‘learning and earning’ now, though, you will be in the unenviable position of looking back 1-2 years from now, having missed the most magnanimous buyer’s market ever (and the greatest abundance of seller take-backs at the most favorable terms in several lifetimes) and your cherished aspirations will likely be doomed.

Just letting you know. There is more than enough time for you to set course NOW but you need to START now. Nuff said.

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