Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

Smart, savvy people who were just starting their note business right at the end of 2007– the time when the monumental “shift” in the most important financial market in the country– the real estate market– was just starting to take place– are now WAY beyond just “brokering” notes. They’re now in a position to take at least one of their “flipper” deals a year (say around $5,000 profit), buy the note for themselves at a discount and restructure the payments to get paid off early, ending up with very high rates of return (around 35% and even higher). In so doing, they can give the borrower (the person paying on the note) the best financial deal anyone’s ever given them, cutting their interest payment substantially, getting them paid off very early, and saving them many $thousands in the process (“win-win”). But it also INCREASES your rate of return, as the present owner of the note, substantially AND your risk in the transaction has gone down because you have less$ in the transaction than the original owner of the note. Do just ONE of these every year, and here’s what you will be looking at:

$5000.00/ year invested at 35% for 15 years = $1,500,000.00.

Incredibly, the real estate market is STILL bottoming out, which means you STILL have time to get into this but you need to start “learning and earning” now by brokering notes and at the same time PREPARING for the opportunity to INVEST but you need to start preparing right now while “learning and earning” at the same time. January is going to be the biggest month for note deals in decades, so you would be wise to start preparing during the Holidays.

P.S. Believe me, you’re NOT going to invest in something at 4-5% if you know you can invest in a discounted note. And high rates of return (24-70%) are quite common in the note investing business. Problem is, NO ONE teaches this anymore but us. Go though the “Superearnings” portion of The Elite Cash Flow Network Support System” and you will get off to a great start with this. You will first “learn and earn” (generate income by brokering notes) and then you will take at least ONE of the deals you find per year and invest it the way we show you how to do it) and THIS is how you set yourself up financially FOR LIFE.
Here is a link to the Elite program:

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