Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

In the last tip, we mentioned that at any given time, we’re doing business with someone who has seen SEVERAL of our marketing pieces over a period of time. Meaning that REPETITION is the key. Very seldom will you convert a lead on the very first contact… although that does happen sometimes, the vast majority of responses you get will come after several of your marketing messages.

Marketing is a science, albeit an inexact one. But some studies have borne out that it takes somewhere around an average of 7 messages for you to burn yourself into the consciousness of a bone fide prospect.

Another thing to consider is TIMING. If the prospect is not ready or not at a peak interest level or not clear on what they want yet, etc, etc, then they will NOT call you at that time. But your marketing pieces should be designed so as to BUILD the interest level AND to establish yourself as a knowledgeable professional AND  to make it clear to them what their options are (i.e., they can have a lump sum of cash and here is all they have to do for a no-obligation inquiry, etc)

If you send out just ONE marketing piece and then stop, then you are missing the boat in what it takes to succeed in ANY business- not just cash flows.

Next tip, we will continue.

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