Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

We’ve taken you through the whole process of SUBMITTING a transaction to the funder, and then we took you through the CLOSING process (see the last tip).. and you’re going to get very good at these mechanics if you’re an Elite member. What we need to at least begin to cover now is how you GET those leads in the first place. MARKETING is the key. To close a lot of transactions, you need to get a LEAD-GENERATING system going. Meaning, you’ve got to LOOK in the right places. AND you’ve got to know WHAT to SAY. Not a hard thing to do, believe me– but, if you’re new to the business, it would behoove you to get hold of some marketing material with wording that has been TESTED in the field and proven to work. That’s made easy when you use the marketing package that we give you in the Elite program.

You’ve got to know HOW to use it, too. Meaning you don’t just send ONE piece out and then STOP. That’s what a rank amateur does. You need to set a regular FREQUENCY of marketing messages– inexpensively and consistently OVER A PERIOD OF TIME. Your response rate should go way up after you’ve sent SEVERAL marketing pieces out. That’s when you start to get REMEMBERED  and RECOGNIZED. At any given time, you should be doing business with someone who’s seen SEVERAL of your marketing pieces. After a while, you should be doing business EVERY DAY that way.(Sure, you might close a deal right away after one contact, but your response rate goes WAY up as more of your marketing pieces circulate. That’s how you market with POWER.) Next tip, we’ll cover some more ground.

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