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I REALLY like approaching FSBOs directly and I’m actually SALIVATING because this market is way, way untapped meaning no one is even close to scratching the surface because these home sellers honestly have no clue about seller financing. Sure, they’ve heard of it but they as a whole never consider it because they have only some vague idea of it but are just not thinking in terms of it being a tool to speed up their sale. The ones I talk to seem desperate but they’re just waiting and hoping some preapproved buyer comes along. But they’re burying their heads in the sand because this is a buyers market and these buyers who ARE qualified by CONVENTIONAL standards have myriads of choices. If your price is not razor-thin the buyer will just go on to the next property.

Tim, I now see plain as day that’s where seller financing comes in. It’s VERY evident to me now that It’s such a powerful tool because it screams out “Come here, come here” and I can see it’s got to work just like flypaper because there are just a ton of good buyers out there who could ordinarily qualify (will times ever be ‘ordinary” again?) but now these banks are hurting so much  and lending is way down so if you’ve got any debt at all you’re not qualifying by conventional standards and that’s just a bad situation.

Enter seller financing. Wow I really like the way you guys set me up. I just got a whack on the side of the head with this Leonard Stitt “Steel magnet” program. Previously, I was getting blue in the face trying to communicate the benefits of seller financing to FSBOs . I felt lost. Now this program comes along and– voila– wow does it hit the right buttons that I want to convey to these sellers!! It’s all about the marketing. The other part of the equation is that I love the Elite program and the ease of working with the funding sources who help with top notch wonderful suggestions and guidance for the home seller in crafting a solid note that can/will be sold pretty shortly thereafter. I can totally see where I stand to make commission after commission as these deals go through. Even if I find only one solid, super-motivated seller in my area on any given Sunday, there are more the following Sunday (I get my leads from the Sunday classifieds) and the longer they’ve been listed, the more voracious these sellers become and these are the calls I LOVE to get!

Your Elite funders are wonderful, your marketing programs are unlike anything I’ve ever seen and your company is made up of true gentlemen.

What a year I’m projecting. Not to mention the other marketing materials I got from you guys that I’m getting into the hands of professionals (I concentrate on lawyers) and nobody mentions this but your Elite program is so diverse when it comes to funders that no matter what kind of calls I get I can make money off it– I LOVE marketing to personal injury attorneys. These guys are a treasure trove for people with lawsuit awards. Previously I had no idea what to say to them. But then I started using your professional materials with my own twist and– well, suffice it to say that I’m never looking back. This is FABULOUS.

You guys are awesome

>>>MY COMMENTS: It truly is exciting being in this industry today. And I love your combination of approaches. You’re hitting the home sellers AND ALSO you’re hitting one genre of attorneys at the same time. And you’ve got the Elite program and all of the checklists at your fingertips so that no matter what type of lead comes in, you know exactly what questions to ask and what funder to send it to. Remember a good rule of thumb. Be sure to always ask the universal question: “What are the payments and how many are there?” This applies to ALL cash flows. Because everything we’re chasing involves future payments of X amount.

P.S. >>>IMPORTANT: In light of the comment above I want to alert you that we have only 4 discounted copies left of “HOW YOU CAN ATTRACT MOTIVATED, GRADE-A NOTE SELLERS LIKE A STEEL-MAGNET” at $40 off and the will be sold out later today. If you still want a discounted copy, you need to go to this page now to reserve one:

P.P.S. Don’t have the Elite program with direct access to funders yet? You can get it here:

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