Here’s Your Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week

To get a really effective lead-generating system going (which is the #1 KEY to making big dollars), you want to get a rhythm and FREQUENCY going with your marketing messages (see the last tip).

You might start out with a letter of introduction (like you get in the Elite program) AND THEN follow it up with a regular frequency with little “change-ups” in the wording to get your message across and make it crystal-clear. You can do just fine this way, but also, if you want to “think big” there is sooo much room in this industry for POWER players who know how to really “turn up the volume” in their marketing. The rewards are humongous. This is the faster road to six figures.

NEWSLETTERS work great for giving you a super-professional profile. (You can put your own newsletter together, but if you want a ready-made alternative you may want to check this out). They are INFORMATIONAL in nature and they tend to get read and circulated in the right places. It’s MUCH more powerful than just a letter and a business card. You want lots of people to call you, right? Well, professionally-prepared newsletters really do the trick.

How about WRITING ARTICLES and submitting them to media outlets?! You should know this is a super-powerful technique. In today’s viral world, your name gets around as an expert in your field if you do this right (again, you should check this out for further ideas and solutions re this)

Here’s one more idea: SPEAKING BEFORE GROUPS is probably the biggest “power marketing” technique of all. Almost everyone in whatever professional field who does speaking engagements is a heavyweight in the big money circles. It opens up all kinds of avenues and these people are operating in a different stratosphere than their peers are. Business tends to get thrown at them from all directions. (I know speaking is not for everybody, but if you do this you can practically write your own ticket. You should look at this for a ready-made solution if you want to pursue this).

See you next week!

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