Elite Cash Flow Network Update

COMMENT: “Hello. I just ordered my Elite system, and during the interim, I am reading the blogs.

I believe that, as a newbie, I will get the instructions and guidance that I need to be very successful as, initially, a note-broker. You sound very thorough, experienced, and truthful. I look forward to a successful relationship with Elite. I expect to be a real inspiration to my wife and children as I learn, grow, and become very successful. Thanks.” G.J.

We, at NoteInvestors.com have learned over the years that our success is tied to one variable and that is “your success”. If you, as an Elite Cash Flow Network member, were not successful, then we wouldn’t be, either. So, we focus on getting good quality cash flows funded through our network for you.

Over the 15+ years at the helm of the longest-running cash flow site in the world, we have learned that the very best way to get cash flows funded is by giving an average person good quality information that can help folks either buy, sell or manage their note better.

The institutional funders who comprise The Elite Cash Flow Network love us because we deliver a sorely-needed service. What we are doing is building a sales force, so to speak, to go out and find cash flows and submit them to our funder network. The funder makes money, the Elite member makes money and the seller of the cash flow is happy that he has received all cash and no longer has to worry about collecting those future payments in “dribs and drabs”. It’s a complete win / win for everyone involved.

One other point to remember — while housing is now picking up noticeably and home sellers who have been on the sidelines are now re-entering the market, barely 1 in 5 potential buyers have a FICO score above 750– the national average requirement for all new conventional mortgages. In other words, most buyers can’t get a new loan. So, in order to solve this problem, record numbers of sellers are taking back notes in order to get their properties sold. Our market is up 57.7% from 2009 to 2012. Try and find another industry with growth numbers anywhere close to that today.

The more awareness The Elite Cash Flow Network brings to people, the more deals for the active cash flow broker.

I see 2013 as setting exhilarating new levels of profitability for the average cash flow broker due to the fact that we’re now riding a tidal wave of astronomical growth, with more cash flows being created each year than sold, little competition, and more awareness brought to everyone about the possibility of selling cash flows. These cash flows will be sold. Who will the cash flows be sold to? You! And you will make a superb living because you were in the right place at the right time.

Plug into the power of The Elite Cash Flow Network Support System:


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