Commonly asked question: “How do I get a note to you and where do I list notes?”

Here’s a commonly asked question by beginners:

QUESTION: How do I get a note to you and where do I list notes?
ANSWER: There is no need to “list” notes. Matter of fact, we don’t
recommend doing that at all. What is far more desirable is that we
set you up with direct access to institutional (corporate) funders
who buy notes you refer to them. We do that through The Elite Cash
Flow Network Support system and we DO NOT share your commission.

QUESTION: So, I go right to the funder?  I don’t have to “list” a
note on your site and wait for a bid?
ANSWER: Correct. You submit the note right to the appropriate
funder (depending on the type of cash flow you find) through one
convenient interface on the Elite member site using the appropriate
forms available there. Everything’s right there. No guesswork
involved as to who the buyers are. You have access to them right
here so you always know who you are dealing with.

QUESTION: Why do you not recommend “listing” a note somewhere in
search of “bids”?
ANSWER: Because when you go that route, you have no idea who you’re
dealing with. What you need to beware of it that It’s not unusual
for people who are actually brokers to try to pass themselves off
as end note buyers. Since you have direct access to the
institutional funders, you want to go right to the entity where you
can make the entire fee without having to split it.

QUESTION: Tell me more about these institutional (corporate)
ANSWER: These funders have virtually unlimited funds with which to
purchase cash flows. Because of the availability of unlimited funds
from institutional funders, you can facilitate transactions between
funders and sellers of cash flows without using any of your own

Only 10-15 years ago, there were no institutional funders. In the
last 10-15 years, institutional funders (Wall Street) discovered
our little niche business. This allowed you (Main Street) to be
able to deal in a multi- million dollar business using Wall
Street’s money. When Wall Street discovered our little business
(10-15 years ago), they would only buy real estate notes. This
brings us to today. Because of Wall Street’s desire for higher
yields, they increased their buying parameters to include non-real
estate cash flows. That meant our potential market (inventory
stock) jumped from billions (not bad) to trillions (much better).

What’s more, The Elite Cash Flow Network Support System gives you
the immediate ability to fund non-real estate as well as real
estate-backed cash flow transactions.

So, to spell it all out, when you invest in the Elite system,
you’re going to learn EXACTLY how to find and put together
extremely profitable and diverse discounted note transactions and
generate very high cash flows for yourself using other people’s
money (not your own), substantially increasing your immediate
income while building a massive retirement portfolio over just a
few short years.

2012 is on pace to be a record year. Seller take-back financing is
already at an all time high due to the conventional lending
crunch– up a staggering 40% just last year which is fueling our
business and you simply don’t want to be left behind at this time
especially since the funders are doing most all of the backend work
for you while putting up all of the money and taking all of the

I urge you to get started now.

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