Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week- Wealth Building Strategy

wealth-buildingHere is an example of the type of strategy you must learn to become wealthy. You do this with every mortgage you buy for your own account: You buy a loan at a discount from a holder who does not want it. You are now collecting payments on the loan and earning, say, 16%- not bad. Then you make this proposal to the borrower: You will cut their interest payment substantially and you will get them paid off early (very early) AND they will save thousands (many thousands) of dollars. Is this a good deal for them? YES, it is best deal anyone’s ever offered them -they win. The seller of the note also wins – he gets rid of a note he did not want. But, who are you most concerned about? YOU. In this type of transaction, your rate of return increases substantially (let’s say to around 35%).
Why? Because this is what happens when you buy a note at a discount and restructure the payments to get paid off early.
What does a 35% rate of return mean? It means you’ve reversed risk Vs. reward. Increasing rates and reducing risk are what rich people do to become and stay wealthy.
You need to learn these techniques. It is possible to raise rates to over 70%, whereby your money doubles every year.
It is possible to do these transactions with none of your own money. It is possible to buy and sell real estate at tremendous discounts.

There are many more powerful strategies to learn. This is just one. Are you ready and willing to prepare yourself to succeed?? If so, you will learn a great deal more in the Superearnings Home Study E-course.

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