Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week- Think Beyond Notes and Apply Your Skills to Real Estate

belowmarketvalueWe, as cash flow practitioners, are all truly distinguished and far more skilled than the average real estate investor. We just need to learn to use these skills in real estate as well as notes. Robert Allen, who a wrote an influential (if flawed) book in the 1980s, called “Nothing Down”, popularized the phrase “Your Price, My Terms…My Price, Your Terms.” However, most real estate investors don’t appreciate the power of that phrase. Can you think of a way to pay an inflated price for a property and still make a profit? Sure…Pay a dollar down and a dollar a week! Can you think of a way to buy a property for all cash and still make a profit? Sure…buy it 20% below fair market value.

How, you ask, can any reasonable person do these things? Glad you asked. It takes Work! It takes Knowledge! It takes Skill! It takes Time! You may have to look at a hundred properties and make fifty offers…I know that firsthand. It’s a lot of work, but you stand to make more on that one transaction than many people make in whole year working at a regular job.

That’s why I focus on creative deal structuring involving notes and real estate. You can buy property 20% below market, and get great terms on financing. It just takes work, knowledge, skill and time. As a note broker you have all these tools. Your task is to think beyond notes as I am, and other successful note brokers do.

We’ll try to help you expand your horizons in the coming months.

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