Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week: Keep, Create, Repeat

Marketing business salesThe three goals of a successful marketing plan are: Keep, Create and Repeat.

You must establish a long-term marketing plan. The key is long term. There are three major components that make up a successful marketing plan. A plan that will bring you financial success in the discounted note industry.

(1) Keep-use marketing pieces that note sellers do not discard. One major key to success is to get noteholders  to retain the marketing materials that you provide to them. You must also keep marketing over and over again to the same person. There is no substitute for repetition.

(2) Create Urgency-your marketing plan must be designed to create urgency- motivated note holders are the only ones who sell.
Your marketing plan must be designed in a manner that educates noteholders regarding the asset they own. Very few note owners have any idea about the complexity of their asset.

(3) Repeat referrals-it is imperative that your marketing be designed so you do multiple transactions with note selling sources. Marketing individual noteholders exclusively will not get you any additional referral business. Adding financial professionals to your marketing list is essential.

The 90% program teaches you everything from How to create a sales letter that people will keep, techniques that will help you create urgency AND how to get repeat referral business– 5,10 or more deals a year.

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