Cash Flow Business Tip of the Week- Investing in Notes to Compact the Time Necessary to Reach Retirement

retirementIf you’ve put off retirement planning for too long and need to make up for lost time, you must get as much money into your plan as possible. Investing in discounted mortgages may be the answer to your problem. You might say, “I am limited to the amount I can invest by law”. This is true, but you are not limited to how much you can earn. For example, if you have accumulated $20,000 in your plan, but you know that you are going to need much more to reach your goal, you need to buy a mortgage for $20,000 (in your plan or self directed IRA) that you know you can sell for a profit of $5,000. Keep that mortgage in your plan for a short time and then sell it for a non-taxed profit. You now have $25,000. Do this over and over again until you reach your goal.

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