Thank you for your order

Thank you for your order.

While you’re waiting for the printed version to arrive, you can download the “Building Wealth Together” Online Manual at:

Username:  spin
Password:  Charter5$

(Note: If you also purchased the Optional Bonus program “How To Turn 90% Of The People Who Won’t Sell You Their Notes Into Big Time Cash Profits”, you will receive the direct link to it via separate email.)

(Also note: If your order includes a Website, you will be sent a direct link to the Website Setup instructions under separate email along with the Hosting Agreement for you to approve and return. Upon completion, you will then be linked to the Website Build form where you will make your design selection and specify your customized information to be displayed, etc.*** Domain acquisition and initial setup is only $17.50 (which is well over 50% below what it would cost you to set these up independently). Hosting is $15 per month charged quarterly. These charges will be incurred ONLY after you approve by returning the completed hosting agreement (you have no obligation to do so). You will NOT be charged these fees until you approve them.)


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