7 critical steps to success in today’s cash flow note business

1. Generate your own leads
2. Get a mentor to teach you the business
3. Get note sellers to keep your marketing materials
4. Keep marketing over and over again (don’t just stop at one)
5. Use institutional funders- stay away from private investors
6. Create urgency in your marketing
7. Do business with the same people over and over again (attorneys can send you multiple transactions every year)

The cash flow business is hot. Actually, it’s one of the hottest industries in existence right now in a world where “tepid” is usually a best-case scenario for most other industries that are above water. (Even Facebook– one of today’s juggernauts–, as you may have read yesterday, is delaying its much-ballyhooed IPO which reflects the protracted volatility of the stock market). One thing is certain in today’s market– CASH IS KING. That’s why our industry is through the roof and spewing high heat. We have unlimited funds to work with (other people’s money) coupled with a burgeoning demand for cash and all you need to do to cash IN is put the right parties together, Take heed of the 7 steps above.

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